System overview

heliostat design

Stand-alone, no pc needed.
Uses robust and cheap motors originally for dishes.
Installation without pc.
No light sensors, position is calculated.
Low energy consumption ideal for solar powered, operates at 12 volt from adapter or battery and solar power system.
Protection with end switch and motor check.
Operates with HF remote control.
LCD screen on controller.
Uses GPS receiver for time, date and position.
Can be used to keep a solar reflector (Heliostat) or solar tracker.
Works 24/7 will go to the morning position at night.
Firmware updates  possibe.
USB port for command shell.
All parameters are user changeable for custom hardware.

Suntrack hardware

solar tracker circuit
solar tracker circuit

Sun tracking system. The text on the enclosure is the layout of the remote control. Right the system board with a CAT5 cable for each motor.

SG2100A rotor
Suntrack remote controller

The moteck sg2100a for the horizontal and vertical movement are standard satellite dish motors connected a little bit different as usual

Suntrack Patent

SG-2100A Patented bridge

The key of the design is to use motors and gears used in mass production for dish antannas. This bridge is to mount the 2 rotors together.

Patent application title: ROTOR MOTORS CONNECTOR
Inventor:  Mark Ursum (Hoorn, NL)
IPC8 Class: AH02K1100FI
USPC Class: 310 71


No PC needed
Low power stand alone system
Easy installation
No light sensors
Extremly acurate: 0.02º

Custom hardware

Other hardware

Use the solar tracker electronics with your own hardware. The parameters of the controller are factory  loaded. You can change them for other hardware 


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