Heliostat suntrack

Pictures of the Heliostat system offered by

Customer Pictures

Some pictures from our customers

German system

Heliostat system in Berlin, Germany


Heliostat youtube

A video of the solar tracker in action

Customer pictures: Belgium


 Big mirror in nthe rear of the garden
Zonnevolger controller

 Plastic box for the controller
Zonnevolger controller

 Mouting the tracker

Customer pictures: Acrylic flexible miror

Heliostat art

 acrylic flexible miror 60x60cm
Heliostat art

 Result is a 2.5 x 2.5 meter reflection

Customer pictures: Art project

Heliostat art

 System used in art project

Customer pictures: Spain

Garden reflection system

 System used for sun reflection

Customer pictures: Poland

Sun reflection system

 System used for sun reflection

Customer pictures: Land Art project

suntrack xy system
Land art

 System used in Land art project

Customer pictures: Ireland

Heliostat backyard

 System using lead battery

Customer pictures: Land art project

Heliostat in land art project

 Testing using solar panel

Customer pictures: Holland

Heliostat at customer

 Mind the controller box better not to use outside in a wet country like the Netherlands.

Customer pictures: Germany

Hans Georg Krüßen

 Customer changed the motor mouning of a standard set.  Hans Georg emailed:
I have made a steel construction, so it can resist the wind better and to take the strain of the motors. 
The mirror is still the one (0,60 x 1,20) described in the other mail.
There are 2 conical bearings in the base tube, which is welded to a steel plate, to allow for horizontal movement. On the vertical axle, there is a sealed bearing opposite the motor.
Please note the shock absorber to avoid trembling in the wind. I connected the tube to an existing stabilizer of a chimney, so  the base plate did not need to be fixed to the roof (just some weights).

Customer pictures: South Africa

Stefan van der Merwe
sun in home

This is the first custom system we made.  The sun passes east-north-west in the southern side of the earth.