Heliostat suntrack

Pictures of the Heliostat system offered by

Customer Pictures

Some pictures from our customers

German system

Heliostat system in Berlin, Germany


Heliostat youtube

A video of the solar tracker in action

Customer pictures: USA

Three mirrors directed at a heatpump
Solar tracker mounted on tree
Solar tracker for light inside house

Customer pictures: France

Solar tracker mounted on tree

 Tracker mounted on dead tree
Solar tracker for light inside house

 Nice high mounting postions
Result of solar tracker

 Mirror reflecting the sun

Customer pictures: Belgium


 Big mirror in nthe rear of the garden
Zonnevolger controller

 Plastic box for the controller
Zonnevolger controller

 Mouting the tracker

Customer pictures: Acrylic flexible miror

Heliostat art

 acrylic flexible miror 60x60cm
Heliostat art

 Result is a 2.5 x 2.5 meter reflection

Customer pictures: Art project

Heliostat art

 System used in art project

Customer pictures: Spain

Garden reflection system

 System used for sun reflection

Customer pictures: Poland

Sun reflection system

 System used for sun reflection

Customer pictures: Land Art project

suntrack xy system
Land art

 System used in Land art project

Customer pictures: Ireland

Heliostat backyard

 System using lead battery

Customer pictures: Land art project

Heliostat in land art project

 Testing using solar panel

Customer pictures: Holland

Heliostat at customer

 Mind the controller box better not to use outside in a wet country like the Netherlands.

Customer pictures: Germany

Hans Georg Krüßen

 Customer changed the motor mouning of a standard set.  Hans Georg emailed:
I have made a steel construction, so it can resist the wind better and to take the strain of the motors. 
The mirror is still the one (0,60 x 1,20) described in the other mail.
There are 2 conical bearings in the base tube, which is welded to a steel plate, to allow for horizontal movement. On the vertical axle, there is a sealed bearing opposite the motor.
Please note the shock absorber to avoid trembling in the wind. I connected the tube to an existing stabilizer of a chimney, so  the base plate did not need to be fixed to the roof (just some weights).

Customer pictures: South Africa

Stefan van der Merwe
sun in home

This is the first custom system we made.  The sun passes east-north-west in the southern side of the earth.