Sunlight reflector for home
Sunlight inside house

Natural sunlight in house

sun reflection setup

Via a mirror, the Heliostat is a dual axis tracking system to direct sunlight into your house. By calculating and adjusting the position of the mirror, this genius system is able to reflect sunlight onto the same spot all day long. It works by calculations so no light sensors are used. This way it is possible to have an environmentally friendly lamp in your home or office. We have sold systems north and south of the equator, east and west of UTC. So, it doesn't matter where on earth you are, the Heliostat works anywhere! Our DIY solar tracking system is easy to install. Kit#1 contains all the materials for this Heliostat. Only some basic tools and the sun are needed to install this system.

 How to setup your system

It is easy to install this system yourself. You need some basic tools like a drill and a level. No computer or smartphone needed.

  • Kit #1 contains all the materials you need
  • Get a mirror of 50 or 60cm from the hardware store
  • Drill holes Video in the mirror or construct your own mirror mount system
  • Find a place to mount the system. The cables are 5 meter. The controller can be placed in a garden shed or watertight box.


What is a Heliostat?

A heliostat (from Helios, the Greek word for sun, and state, as in stationary) is a device that tracks the movement of the sun. The device usually uses a mirror, which is adjusted throughout the day to focus sunlight on a stationary target. Heliostats are used in solar telescopes and solar power generation..

Sun reflection during the day

image two

Time lapse video 8:00- 20:00


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