Frequently Asked Question

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Frequently Asked Question

Is it hard to install?

If you are able to connect a computer then it is a piece of cake for you. The installation and user guide describes how it works. No PC is needed, a leveler and the sunlight is all that is needed.

How to make the 4 holes in the mirror?

Use a dremel with a rotary burr cooled with water. Look at this Video

What is the maximum size of the mirror?

A mirror of 50..60 cm and 4 mm thick can be installed with holes in the mirror. For larger sizes use a mounting frame or a sheet of aluminium or stainless steel as reflector. According the datasheet of Moteck the maximum dish size is 1.2M The construction can easy hold 5kg

Do I need to solder?

No all cables are pluggable.

How do I know GPS reception is ok?

The controller needs a valid gps signal once for the location and date/ time to startup.
GPS symbol top right on LCD means: Steady: ok. Blink: no reception last 24h. Time synchronization happens once a day.

Time is X hour shifted.

The system works with GMT time (London time) no summertime.

What is the range of the remote control?

The range is 10-25 meters. The remote control is 433 Mhz.

Can I use more systems at the same location?

Yes, the remote control has an unique number and is learned to the controller.

What is the maximum cable length from rotors to controller?

The cable length is default 5 meters, length up to 30 meters is possible. Use CAT6 cable, perform calibration tests. The resistance/ capacitance may cause problems.

Is the source code of the software supplied?


The display shows: Outrange

The calculated position where the mirror needs to go is not in the working range. ( X and Y must be between 40 and XYmax )

The display shows only: Wait for GPS fix.

In GPS system the location has to be read first, so wait for the GPS receiver for a lock. Can take up to 4 minutes. Place the receiver 'this side up' and face the sky.

How to change the special parameters.

For the standard product is no need to change any parameter. User parameters can be changed using a PC and a USB connection. Read the advanced manual.